If we were the showy-type then we’d write something clever here like; ‘we saw a gap in the Corby market and that’s how PL was born’. But that’s not our style.
We’re simpler than that.
In truth, we began PL ten years ago and over that time, we’ve built up a terrific knowledge of the local market. And because of that, we think we know Corby better than anyone else. Of course, we do lots of acquisition work outside the town, but really our core market is Corby.
So, if you want to be in the Corby market or if you already are but you want some advice, then get in touch. We’d love to help you. 




Richard Potter

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Richard joined London based property firm Edwin Hill immediately post university and stayed with them for 20 years, rising to the position of senior equity partner. Two years following the sale of the business to Canadian property group Altus, he left to set up Potter Learoyd Commercial with Marcus. Within the office, Richard's primary role is as Principal Agent and developing new business. Outside work, Richard is married with 3 kids, loves cricket, sailing and spending time in the (any) pub. 

Marcus Learoyd

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Marcus has a background in sales having started his career selling mobile phones with national retailer Carphone Warehouse. He spent 15 years with the PLC, his final 5 years in various senior managerial roles. Within Potter Learoyd, Marcus tends to look after the overseas acquisition instructions and also, back office stuff including production of all in-house creative material. Outside the office, Marcus is married with 3 kids, plays a bit of sport, loves his piano and quaffs a bit of wine.